[Changelog] Backup4all Monitor 1

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[Changelog] Backup4all Monitor 1

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Backup4all Monitor 1 was released. This is a new product that adds remote backup monitoring for Backup4all. You can download the latest version of Backup4all Monitor here: https://download.backup4all.com/downloa ... rSetup.exe

Changes in Backup4all Monitor 1.2.316 (26-January-2023)
  • Fix: Registry path
  • Fix: New crypto library
  • Fix: Adding security protocols
Changes in Backup4all Monitor 1.2.292 (02-June-2022)
  • Fix: Option to permanently activate a product key
  • Fix: Estimated time column renamed
  • Fix: Activation process redesign
  • Fix: Change log path in Monitor did not move existing logs
  • Fix: Monitor server did not start without installing the dashboard
Changes in Backup4all Monitor 1.1.244 (04-August-2021)
  • Fix: License Management issue when using unlicense or license buttons
  • Fix: Occasional activation errors
  • Fix: Add product name to db and queries to avoid duplicate logging
  • Fix: Update check changes
Changes in Backup4all Monitor 1.1.226 (17-December-2019)
  • Fix: Automatic reactivation
Changes in Backup4all Monitor 1.0.220 (05-September-2019)
  • New: Use local date format in date picker controls from the History tab
  • New: Added more logs that are sent to the logging server
  • Fix: Check if app is on server before starting the activation client
  • Fix: Fixed registry value path for app shortcut
Changes in Backup4all Monitor 1.0.210 (12-August-2019)
  • Fix: Show date in Local format
  • Fix: Keep sort order after Refresh on Real time tab
  • Fix: Logging system
Changes in Backup4all Monitor 1.0.198 (25-June-2019)
  • Fix: Modified licensing links
  • Fix: Connection to service

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