Deploying solid compression

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Deploying solid compression

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I suggest adding option to use solid compression for backups (directly or via 3rd party tool- WinRAR and 7zip come to mind), which would be useful in connection with this request ... -t116.html (an extension could be made to include whole backup run into one file.

- much smaller backup size,
- in case of external packers: possibility of adding recovery (that is very valuable) and authentication data (WinRAR), increased backup speed with multi-threading support (WinRAR, 7zip)
- any extraction and backup modification/merging actions much longer than in case of current approach
- probably harder progress tracking in case of external tools
- useful in cases where backups are rarely restored
- allow to save disk space and/or keep greater number of versions
- I think some operations involving modification of solid archive files could be disabled, when solid compression is used

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Re: Deploying solid compression

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We put your request on our Wishlist.
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