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OneDrive link broken?

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:24 pm
by drc
Hi, have successfully in the past backed up to OneDrive without an issue - most recently 22nd July. However, I recently came back from an extended holiday and find that the onedrive backup is no longer working and i wonder if an upgrade has broken it. I'm currently running Backup4all Professional 7.4.457.

The problem is that, when running a backup job for which the destination is OneDrive, Backup4all requests that i log into OneDrive to authenticate it. Despite doing this and giving Backup4all the requested permissions, the dialogue goes away and then simply re-appears. When I go into 'properties' and test the OneDrive connection it is fine (I assume the test runs the authentication protocol).

So this is what happens: On starting the backup job, almost immediately, a dialogue box opens and asks me to login to the cloud account. I click login and this presents me with a MS logon screen which when I have successfully logged on opens ''. This asks me to:

Let this app access your info?
Backup4all 7 needs you to confirm its permission to:

Have full access to all files that you have access to
Have full access to all files that you have access to
Access your info at any time
Read your profile

I, of course, click the 'Yes' option. The window tells me that 'Backup4all 7 successfully authorized' and that i can close the window.

Whilst I am logging and clicking Yes in the browser, back4all has a dialogue box running saying 'waiting for authorization'. Once I've clicked 'Yes' the dialogue box disappears and the backup proceeds up to around 95%. At this stage the log-on prompt reappears. I repeat the above process. The log-on prompt goes away and almost immediately reappears and so on ad infinitum.

I have made sure that my default browser (Opera) is logged out of OneDrive (and anything else Microsoft Office 365 is logged out) before the backup.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Re: OneDrive and Google Drive link broken?

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:21 am
by drc
An update: Overnight I backed up to Goggle Drive. Having set-up the Goggle Drive account via 'File --> Options --> online destinations'. Running the backup seemed fine.

This morning I noticed that the PC hadn't shut down (as it should do upon the successful completion of a backup) and i was being prompted for the Goggle Drive logon details (in exactly the same manner as the prompt for the OneDrive details above). However the backup job was showing 100%. So i when through the logon again and the backup job promptly completed and shut down the PC.

Why the additional prompt?