Fix for Backup4all date format wrong

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Fix for Backup4all date format wrong

Postby pg5555 » Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:35 pm

In case this helps others who encounter a similar problem under Windows 7:

Backup4all is supposed to use the computer's system-wide date format. On a new Windows 7 system on which I've just installed Backup4all v4.6.253, the system-wide date format was correctly set to "English (Australia)" ie. dd/mm/yy. However, Backup4all was displaying dates incorrectly as mm/dd/yy.

With a little research, I found a fix on the web which had worked for several applications written under Delphi: this was to temporarily change the computer's date format (eg. to "English - Canada") and then back again. This technique fixed my problem in Backup4all too.

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