[Changelog] Backup4all 5

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[Changelog] Backup4all 5

Postby Softland » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:42 am

Below is the changelog for the public builds of Backup4all since the release of version 5.0. You can download the latest version of Backup4all here: http://www.backup4all.com/download.html

Changes in Backup4all 5.5.835 (07-October-2015)
  • New: User interface is now available in Danish
  • New: Added Japanese language for the user interface
  • New: Added Korean language for the user interface
  • New: Added Portuguese Brazil language for the user interface
  • New: Added Serbian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Vietnamese language for the user interface
  • Update: Updated translations for Chinese Simplified, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Romanian and Slovenian
  • Update: Fully compatible with Windows 10

Changes in Backup4all 5.4.813 (04-August-2015)
  • Fix: Scheduled jobs were not displayed in Windows 10
  • Fix: Other fixes for Windows 10

Changes in Backup4all 5.4.810 (29-July-2015)
  • Interface now available in Czech
  • French translation updated
  • Russian translation updated
  • Tray popup menu captions fixes
  • Fixed some localization issues

Changes in Backup4all 5.4.784 (13-May-2015)
  • Smart file scanning mode (improves backup speed)
  • Added executed backup type in email notifications
  • Updated plugin creator to work with the new version
  • Best match tab in ribbon is selected when starting the application
  • Added cancel/stop/pause/resume job actions in scheduler
  • Allow special XML characters in paths and names
  • More information is added to Installer Log
  • Integrated help for the activation section
  • List excluded files in log
  • Fixes for Windows Explorer context menu
  • Check for updates didn't install the new version in some situations
  • Some keys were not removed from registry on uninstall
  • Fixed NTFS journal logging and statistics
  • Default language chosen in installer was not used when starting the app
  • Smart type wrongfully triggered a full backup in some situations
  • Problem while merging the backup

Changes in Backup4all 5.3.723 (3-March-2015)
  • Update: Notification pop-up window will show if there are important messages
  • Update: Drastically reduced drive fragmentation for backups
  • Update: Burn engine updates
  • Fix: "More details" button for notifications did not appear correctly
  • Fix: Run backup at Shutdown showed a pop-up confirmation even after task was deleted
  • Fix: History was not updated after execution
  • Fix: List index out of bounds error received at limit file numbers
  • Fix: Update available window now displays program title
  • Fix: Add drive to new job created an invalid .ini file

Changes in Backup4all 5.3.704 (10-February-2015)
  • New: Email notifications can now be sent in HTML format not only plain text
  • New: Added templates for HTML email notifications
  • New: Added Catalan language for user interface
  • New: The installer will check for updates and offer to install the latest version
  • New: Added backup type on statistics page
  • New: Folder name case is now updated in destination
  • New: Added more information to logs and updated messages
  • Fix: Service timeout when starting the computer due to antivirus scan delay
  • Fix: Fixed ErrorCode in installer for email subject
  • Fix: Restore was not working correctly in certain situations
  • Fix: Close after run did not work in certain situations
  • Fix: Backup list was not refreshed when using All Users
  • Fix: Backup could not be cleaned in certain situations

Changes in Backup4all 5.2.685 (21-January-2015)
  • Fix: Updated message that shows when an error occurs during installation
  • Fix: Added antivirus information in logs for troubleshooting purposes
  • Fix: Scheduled tasks were not copied with the job

Changes in Backup4all 5.2.663 (16-December-2014)
  • Fix: Files were not deleted from ZIP archives when using "Limit number of file versions" for jobs with Outlook custom sources
  • Fix: When installation fails users can send log files to support
  • Fix: Several other bug fixes

Changes in Backup4all 5.2.643 (24-November-2014)
  • Interface is now available in German
  • New updates can now be installed automatically
  • Added "Jobs with warnings" filter in the Navigation pane
  • Scheduled jobs now show an extra-icon in the main job layout view
  • "Last Run Result" column added on the Scheduler view
  • Added new tag for "Scheduled jobs"
  • Jobs and tags are sorted alphabetically by default
  • In Card and List view mode you can do multiple selections using the keyboard
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Jobs/History/Scheduler buttons in the Navigation pane
  • Notifications window completely redesigned (new actions, redesigned icons)
  • Total Backup time is now included in the log
  • "Alternate zipping mode" is enabled by default for network backups
  • Layout actions were renamed
  • Renamed customize filter caption
  • All notification messages can be configured to display collapsed or expanded
  • Disconnected mapped network drives will be re-connected during backup/restore
  • Modified displayed text for smart backup type
  • Show number of jobs in status bar
  • Modified text for customizing ribbon and password options
  • "List index out of bounds" when dragging filter checkboxes
  • "Remove excluded and deleted files" error when disconnecting mapped network drives
  • FROM field for emails will only show the name
  • Type of source is included in the log file
  • Minor display fixes for radio buttons and tray icon
  • Installer text corrections
  • "Try Again" after cancelling an installation didn't work

Changes in Backup4all 5.1.558 (18-August-2014)
  • Fixed errors during update on systems where Italian/French was default language
  • Updated language files
  • "Launch and visit site" button corrections
  • Fixes when changing the location of the temporary folder

Changes in Backup4all 5.1.555 (13-August-2014)
  • Fixed errors during update on systems where French was default language
  • Fixes for installation in Chinese traditional
  • Unnecessary warning for splitting zip files in temp folder
  • Information about operating system, user rights, processor and locale is always added in log file
  • Fix empty backup when backing up folders with no files using a plugin
  • Added more USN journal info to log
  • Changes to the behaviour of the "Use extended passive mode" option

Changes in Backup4all 5.1.549 (07-August-2014)
  • Added Italian language for the interface
  • Added Zip Local Directory and Central Directory information to Smart estimations
  • Independent test removes tested zip files from temp folder when completed
  • Calculated compression ratio is now more precise
  • Show support email when there's an installation error
  • Unicode registration names were incorrectly displayed
  • Merge backups had errors in certain situations
  • Fixed AV when Backup4all.hst is missing
  • Fixed AV when clicking on the update notification from tray

Changes in Backup4all 5.1.541 (30-July-2014)
  • Added French language for user interface
  • Added Malay language for user interface
  • Added Indonesian language for user interface
  • Added Portuguese language for user interface
  • Added Spanish language for user interface
  • Added Swedish language for user interface
  • Added Chinese Traditional language for user interface
  • Improved backup speed for backup jobs with lots of files
  • Optimized load explore view and backup view for jobs with sources from offline net share
  • Show file icons from system using file extension in sources and restore previews
  • Added "Last backup size" and "Total size of backup" for statistics view
  • Added SettingsAvailableForCurrUser (default true) and AutoStart (default false) command line parameters for EXE setups
  • Optimized painting of file/folder icons for offline network shares in Backup view
  • GUI was freezing when selecting a job with sources from LAN
  • Disabled context menu option re-appeared on updating
  • Fixed uploading files with size 0 to Azure problem
  • Two radio buttons could be selected in the same time in Compression
  • Layout was not preserved when reopening application
  • Using the F11 shortcut for scheduler did not work
  • Fix when expanding a folder for which GUI did not have the right to access it
  • Fixed mirror backup on empty folders with override filters

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.468 (04-June-2014)
  • Fixed GUI inconsistencies for 125% DPI and 1024x756 resolution
  • Fixed "Catalog file does not have a valid signature" error when using local catalogs
  • Some info notes will be always visible in log files
  • Updated Event Viewer activation messages
  • Incorrect text was displayed in card view for backup jobs with email after backup
  • Smart backup type problem when adding subsequent backup sources

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.463 (29-May-2014)
  • Multiple design fixes for the interface when using custom DPI settings
  • If VSS could not be started, the backup stopped with "no files to backup"
  • The name of the copied filter was generated incorrectly
  • Access violation when no sources were set (caused by import from previous versions)

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.460 (27-May-2014)
  • Added new languages for the interface, Romanian and Malaysian
  • Disable journal by default
  • Handle catalogs with invalid signatures
  • Fix for moving plugins folder (when there is a job using the DLL plugin)
  • Change message when plugins are obsolete
  • Two scheduler options could not be used in Windows XP
  • Runtime error after installation in certain situations
  • The folder "Default" was still skipped during backups

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.450 (21-May-2014)
  • NTFS Journal backup improvements
  • New updates to EULA
  • Added "Following drive(s) could not be found" message to log when a source drive is not available
  • Installation failed in some situations with an exception error
  • Tray notifications showed messages even when none were unread
  • Backup catalog error: "The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file."
  • Fix for Blu-ray backups
  • Shutdown after action not executed (force parameter must be set is some cases)

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.414 (02-Apr-2014)
  • Backup job for configurations plug-in had errors when backing up the tag
  • "Next scheduled backup" information more accurate in log
  • Security permissions were not backed up
  • "Default" users folder was not backed up when using filters
  • Files and folders are now case sensitive in backups
  • Improved French translation
  • Fix test for split files in backups using plugins
  • Fixed outlook backup problems
  • Empty warnings in log in certain situations
  • Refresh job status in GUI and tray after app restart
  • "Invalid floating point operation" and "List index out of bounds (-1)" exception errors

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.396 (12-Mar-2014)
  • Update: Added French translation for GUI
  • Fix:Large backups to Blu-ray discs failed in some situations
  • Fix:Skip files instead of aborting backup for unreadable files in block backups
  • Fix:List header font size and row height fixes when using larger DPI
  • Fix:Cannot create file "autorun.inf" error in certain specific cases
  • Fix:Put the line with "search for warning and error" in info log
Changes in Backup4all 5.0.389 (04-Mar-2014)
  • Fix: Small improvements for the cleanup dialog
  • Fix: A focus rectangle will be shown in scheduler list/grid
  • Fix: Ribbon context menus were shown for history and scheduler even if unrelated
  • Fix: Custom filters were not saved in all cases
  • Fix: Added more logging when executing tag actions
  • Fix: No errors were shown when the statuses for scheduled tasks were enabled or disabled
  • Fix: The destination link will not be loaded if not needed
  • Fix: History database was locked when deleting old history entries
  • Fix: Access violation at address 008563AB in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000008.

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.372 (21-Feb-2014)
  • Fix: Shutdown after backup didn't work in Windows XP/2003/2008 R2 (x64)
  • Fix: Custom icons for backup jobs were not correctly loaded
  • Fix: Runtime error when cancelling a Test operation
  • Fix: Language didn't stay selected when switching from English
  • Fix: Auto-dismiss "insert disk" notification when a disk is inserted during spanned backups
  • Fix: Notification sounds after backup didn't play entire audio
  • Fix: Modified text on notification message for spanned backups
  • Fix: Test after backup didn't verify last disk for spanned backups in certain situations
  • Fix: Shutdown after backup didn't work in certain situations for test, cleanup and restore operations

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.360 (20-Feb-2014)
  • Fix: Improved the speed of mirror backups
  • Fix: Added additional information in error messages
  • Fix: "Invalid floating point operation" error in certain situations

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.358 (12-Feb-2014)
  • Fix: Explore View ribbon menu was not shown in certain situations
  • Fix: In certain situations the tray notification app was consuming too much CPU, slowing down the system
  • Fix: Abort with "User press cancel" was not shown in log
  • Fix: Excluded files not removed even if option was checked for mirror backups
  • Fix: The system cannot find the file specified error when browsing for folder in New Backup Wizard

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.357 (11-Feb-2014)
  • Fix: Tray menu improvements
  • Fix: Show full setup download link on hash mismatch in web installer
  • Fix: Limit by file version was not loaded correctly from .ini
  • Fix: "Show warning and error messages when scheduled" wasn't showing up in logs
  • Fix: "Too many copies" error during activation in some situations
  • Fix: Runtime error when the app doesn't have enough rights to open an sqlite file
  • Fix: Several other minor fixes

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.355 (7-Feb-2014)
  • Fix: Application was freezing when opening a bkc from VPN sources
  • Fix: Username in scheduled backups was modified automatically in certain situations
  • Fix: Errors with limit by file number and standard zip
  • Fix: Error when using a password for the application interface
  • Fix: Error "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window"
  • Fix: Fixes for tray message notifications (now in perfect sync with main interface)
  • Fix: Backups created with 0 files occurring when using specific options from the Compression tab
  • Fix: Sometimes the folder/files rights are not set after moving Backup4all application folder and settings
  • Fix: bTray.exe is duplicated when switching from all users to current user
  • Fix: bService log size is now limited to 50MB
  • Fix: Access violation at address 05B4CF91 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address 13CB800C.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 05B46473 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address DC458910.
  • Fix: Several other minor fixes

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.346 (31-Jan-2014)
  • Fix: Settings folder path was reset without user interaction
  • Fix: Removable and external drive letters were not detected if Backup4all was running as a standard user (without admin rights)
  • Fix: Increased the limit for the port number field in email notifications
  • Fix: Improved GUI look for getting started and ribbon backstage on Windows XP and 2003
  • Fix: Miscellaneous errors when backing up open files
  • Fix: Error when comparing file versions
  • Fix: Microsoft Outlook backup problems
  • Fix: Opening a .bkc from a very slow network raised a time-out exception
  • Fix: "Access violation at address 04C064DD in module bResourceStrings.bpl. Write of address 00000000" when trying to use a particular backup plugin

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.336 (24-Jan-2014)
  • Update: Proxy settings are now recognized when backing up to Amazon S3/Azure
  • Fix: The password set in "Lock program interface with a password" wasn't saved in certain situations
  • Fix: "Restore Default Layout" was showing buttons from "Jobs" on other sections that shouldn't have those
  • Fix: Added debug log for loading file/folder dictionary and folder tree from catalog
  • Fix: Hash mismatch error while trying to install via the web installer in certain situations
  • Fix: Errors when trying to backup to Samba shares were not correctly reported
  • Fix: Access violation at address 04B48053 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address 02650014.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 008FECF4 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000010.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 008FECF4 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000010.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 0416CF91 in module 'bResourceStrings.bpl'. Read of address 0008C00C.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 01645153 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000018.

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.325 (15-Jan-2014)
  • Update: Import from previous versions will offer to copy application specific settings too
  • Update: Display updates in List mode for running backups
  • Fix: Cleanup runs correctly but reports error for Smart backups
  • Fix: Access violation at address 00486D8C in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00002D11.
  • Fix: Messages count is wrong in Backup4all
  • Fix: Error when managing custom filters
  • Fix: Inconsistencies for messages displayed in tray
  • Fix: Error "This operation is not valid because the current image contains no valid header"
  • Fix: Error when backing up on specific hosts using "Explicit SSL"

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.314 (06-Jan-2014)
  • Fix: Disabling or changing settings for scheduled jobs didn't work correctly
  • Fix: Error when creating scheduled jobs in Windows XP with "Run whether the user is logged on or not" option on
  • Fix: Empty notification window when opening from tray
  • Fix: "Cannot create a file when that file already exists" error for paths longer than 255 characters
  • Fix: Create schedule task fixes
  • Fix: Main update link from check for updates window was invalid
  • Fix: Access violation at address 00A81D28 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 710A12BE.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 009AEA06 in module 'Backup4all.exe'. Read of address 00000000.
  • Fix: Access violation at address 7C84CD12 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 00000014.
  • Fix: Fixed password import for FTP and SFTP
  • Fix: FTP connection error in certain situations

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.309 (20-Dec-2013)
  • Fix: Test operation showed full backup as mirror in some situations
  • Fix: Modified confirmation message shown when importing from previous versions
  • Fix: Out of memory error when importing from version 3
  • Fix: Several fixes when importing backups from other versions

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.307 (18-Dec-2013)
  • Fix: Fixed SQL access violation error (TSQLException error)
  • Fix: Cannot run scheduled tag (Invalid command line parameter or no imtStart messager received error)
  • Fix: Runtime error at app startup
  • Fix: Removed notification message for statistic calculations

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.305 (17-Dec-2013)
  • Fix: Backup for Outlook 2013 failed when using the built-in plugin
  • Fix: Errors in particular situations when backing up jobs on non-English systems

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.304 (16-Dec-2013)
  • Fix: Errors when running an imported mirror backup job (destination errors)
  • Fix: Several other important fixes
  • Fix: Backup4all was not starting on Windows XP
  • Fix: Problems at startup on Windows 2003 Server

Changes in Backup4all 5.0.300 (11-Dec-2013):
  • New: Online backup to Microsoft Azure
  • New: Online backup to Amazon S3
  • New: True incrementals (bit-level/block level backups)
  • New: Smart backup type
  • New: Added Repair as a new backup action
  • New: Obfuscate file/folders names in zip
  • New: Windows Explorer contextual pop-up menu
  • New: Group backup configurations using tags
  • New: Password storage management
  • New: Notification messages
  • New: Suspend/resume the entire application
  • New: Compress the catalog on destination
  • New: Use NTFS change journal to scan for modified files
  • New: Allow processes to use up to 4GB of memory
  • New: View Statistics log
  • New: Copy scheduled tasks
  • New: Save scheduler files in bkc
  • New: Run missed schedules
  • New: Scheduler view
  • New: Schedule a restore/repair operation
  • New: Use command line as default when scheduling
  • New: Restore using command line
  • New: Access Backup4all according to system privileges
  • New: Test & repair jobs and tags
  • New: Display progress for the current backup job
  • New: Navigation pane
  • New: Quick access toolbar
  • New: History view
  • New: Show job details in card/list mode (with filters and groups)
  • New: Change the backup groups order
  • Update: Redesigned interface (ribbon style)
  • Update: Redesigned Plugin Manager (with automatic plugin load and customization)
  • Update: Windows 8.1 full compatibility

You can download the new version here: http://www.backup4all.com/download.html

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